June 28th, 2010



I'm following olamina's example and format. Thank you for the fab idea! I like the term "inventory" much better than "introduction" under these circumstances.

Age: 40
Height: 5'7"
Weight: 150
Goal Weight: 135-125 or 22% body fat
BF: Getting that checked on Thursday
Location: Central U.S.A.
Challenges: I am a sugar addict. I like booze and coffee--a lot. I hate being outside. My ideas of "play" involve fabric and sewing machines or paintbrushes and glitter glue. I'm hypothyroid, and take levothyroxine and liothyronine daily to keep from turning into a goiter zombie.
Pluses: My partner is supportive of this eating style. I have motivational friends. My food intolerances don't allow me to go off-plan very often. I like to cook, and cooking Primal is pretty easy.
Food Weaknesses: Powdered sugar cake doughnuts and/or sour cream cake doughnuts with milk. They're an obsession.

I've been doing better than 80/20 (Mark Sisson-style) since May. I've lost six pounds, but have been bouncing back and forth between 148 and 150 for three weeks. Very frustrating. I'm upping my activity level and striving for a better on-plan eating ratio to see if I can kick start some fat loss. I know that to drop body fat I need to be more like 95/5.

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This inventory thing looks like a pretty good idea.

Height: 5'6"
Weight: 146
Goal Weight: 145 (considering a new goal, as i'm getting close to this one!)
BF: don't want to know!
Location: rural Missouri
Challenges: Unlike a lot of people in the Primal communities, i don't have any health problems (food allergies, etc.) besides being overweight to help motivate me.  I also have a really hard time motivating myself to do any exercise besides housework, especially in the summer!  I hate the heat and sunshine.
Pluses: My husband is hardcore Paleo, and can't cheat due to food allergies, so he's nothing but supportive.
Food Weaknesses: Carbs and processed foods at my mom's house, convenience foods that the kids ask for.

I've lost 29 lbs since February 10; i'm really happy with my body right now, but i still have a long way to go to be truly fit.