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Another intro post
sgrios wrote in primaleats
Age: 24
Height: 5'3"
Weight: 143
Goal Weight: 125-130
BF: Don't know.
Location: California
Challenges: I have little to no control over what I eat right now- I'm living with family, and our fridge changes along with whatever diet my grandmother's trying out. I can't really afford to go out and buy my own "primal" food. I've been sort of stressed/depressed lately, which means sugar binges and NO workouts. (!)
Pluses: What we do have is usually pretty healthy, even if I struggle to make anything of it. And I have lots of time to work out. I also LOVE boxing- that's a primal workout, right?
Food Weaknesses: Frappuccinos and sugary snacks. The funny thing is, I'd happily swap all the chocolate in the world for really good fruit. I guess I should work on that. I also spend waaaaaay too much time in bed on the computer. :p

Hi! I'm slowly trying to get into the Primal lifestyle, and I figure having a community of like-minded people can't hurt. :p