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Age: 25
Height: 5'3"
Weight: ~185 (haven't weighed myself in ages)
Goal Weight: 125-135
BF: no idea
Location: Washington State, US
Challenges: I have a really busy schedule right now. I work full time and go to school part time (2 classes per quarter, no breaks). Its so easy to just by prepackaged food (like Lean Cuisines or others). I also am not a breakfast eater (unless coffee counts).
Pluses: My husband is on board...actually it was his idea. He started reading a book about primal/paleo eating (don't remember which) because he's really into anthropology, and he thought it made sense. I, personally, have been searching and searching for a food program I can stick to, and primal eating pretty much fits in with what I eat already.
Food Weaknesses: Cheese! Cheese has always been my biggest threat when I try eating healthy. Also creamy sauces, for some reason, I love sauces, and most especially the creamy ones! And lastly, flavored coffee drinks. Recently I've started doing black coffee with shots of flavor, which still isn't *ideal* but better than my standard Caramel Macchiatos or Rasberry White Mochas.

I'm kind of a n00b about all of this, but I'm learning and practicing! Just thought I would introduce myself. :)

[Edited because apparently I don't know how old I am. -_-]

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