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course correction

I'm a little over three weeks into the Four Hour Body diet and have been really impressed with my new-found discipline. However, after about two weeks I couldn't deny that I'd plateau'd. Early this week I decided to drop the beans from the diet and see what happened. I started to decrease again, but then for some reason I panicked and added the beans again and lo' and behold my weight went back up. So I looked at the book again and saw that basically, I needed to get off of the main diet, which is for people who are looking to lose a ton of weight and move over to the section entitled "The Last Mile" in which it prescribes eating smaller protein rich meals every three hours and....dropping beans. So that's where I am now. Right where I was headed anyway. Now that I'm there. I just gotta hold steady and make sure not to forget about the other parts of the glorious Primal Blueprint.
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