Miška (mschaos) wrote in primaleats,

there's an App For that

apparently there are some Apps for the iPhone (and I am assuming other phones as well) that assist with primal eating!

There a quite a few apparently

not quite ready to go Whole30 just yet but I am loving how I feel with whole, real foods

yesterday consisted of:
Breakfast - salmon with guacamole
Lunch - spinach salad with almonds and lemon and olive oil dressing. ground beef 'thing' with tomato and onion
snack - pineapple, kale chips (I could eat my weight in kale chips)
dinner - turkey burger with sauteed spinach and mushrooms
snack - pineapple

Breakfast today was the same, and lunch is similar but snacks are bell peppers and oranges

in theory I might be able to do the Whole30....but I need to keep my brain wrapped around this for right now :)

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