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Breakfast ideas?

What's your favorite Primal breakfast? I have eggs some days, but then I run out of ideas and go back to having cereal and milk. My friend and I are going to do the Whole30 thing next month, so I'm trying to sort out our menu in advance. :)


Age: 36
Height: 5'2"
Weight: 250ish
Goal Weight: not so much a weight goal as life style change...but I would be really happy to be back around 200
BF: don't want to know!
Location: Twin Cities
Challenges: Well Ididn't get to 250 becuase I didnt love food!  Also my BF and lead very active lives making it harder to prepare proper meals at home
Pluses: I have a friendly neighborhood farmer that i buy meat, eggs and produce from
Food Weaknesses: White yeast rolls and depressed sugar benges!

I am here trying to get my blood sugar down and control my PCOS so I can start a family
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Another intro post

Age: 24
Height: 5'3"
Weight: 143
Goal Weight: 125-130
BF: Don't know.
Location: California
Challenges: I have little to no control over what I eat right now- I'm living with family, and our fridge changes along with whatever diet my grandmother's trying out. I can't really afford to go out and buy my own "primal" food. I've been sort of stressed/depressed lately, which means sugar binges and NO workouts. (!)
Pluses: What we do have is usually pretty healthy, even if I struggle to make anything of it. And I have lots of time to work out. I also LOVE boxing- that's a primal workout, right?
Food Weaknesses: Frappuccinos and sugary snacks. The funny thing is, I'd happily swap all the chocolate in the world for really good fruit. I guess I should work on that. I also spend waaaaaay too much time in bed on the computer. :p

Hi! I'm slowly trying to get into the Primal lifestyle, and I figure having a community of like-minded people can't hurt. :p
singing to my hairbrush


Age: 25
Height: 5'3"
Weight: ~185 (haven't weighed myself in ages)
Goal Weight: 125-135
BF: no idea
Location: Washington State, US
Challenges: I have a really busy schedule right now. I work full time and go to school part time (2 classes per quarter, no breaks). Its so easy to just by prepackaged food (like Lean Cuisines or others). I also am not a breakfast eater (unless coffee counts).
Pluses: My husband is on board...actually it was his idea. He started reading a book about primal/paleo eating (don't remember which) because he's really into anthropology, and he thought it made sense. I, personally, have been searching and searching for a food program I can stick to, and primal eating pretty much fits in with what I eat already.
Food Weaknesses: Cheese! Cheese has always been my biggest threat when I try eating healthy. Also creamy sauces, for some reason, I love sauces, and most especially the creamy ones! And lastly, flavored coffee drinks. Recently I've started doing black coffee with shots of flavor, which still isn't *ideal* but better than my standard Caramel Macchiatos or Rasberry White Mochas.

I'm kind of a n00b about all of this, but I'm learning and practicing! Just thought I would introduce myself. :)

[Edited because apparently I don't know how old I am. -_-]
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course correction

I'm a little over three weeks into the Four Hour Body diet and have been really impressed with my new-found discipline. However, after about two weeks I couldn't deny that I'd plateau'd. Early this week I decided to drop the beans from the diet and see what happened. I started to decrease again, but then for some reason I panicked and added the beans again and lo' and behold my weight went back up. So I looked at the book again and saw that basically, I needed to get off of the main diet, which is for people who are looking to lose a ton of weight and move over to the section entitled "The Last Mile" in which it prescribes eating smaller protein rich meals every three hours and....dropping beans. So that's where I am now. Right where I was headed anyway. Now that I'm there. I just gotta hold steady and make sure not to forget about the other parts of the glorious Primal Blueprint.
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Four Hour Body Update

Skewers with meat and vegetables

I'm over two weeks into Four Hour Body and feeling good. The key to sticking with this for me has been repeating meals. Yes, eating the same stuff over and over again and not putting too much pressure on having to cook a big meal for every meal. To that end, I have been using my Foreman Grill like crazy and eating a lot of frozen veg and canned beans. I am planning to make a batch of lentils from scratch today since I am sure they will be better than canned and I can pick off of them for days to come. I also have to say it helps to have a once a week cheat day on this diet. Not so much because I love junk food so much, but because at least once a week I have some social event where I am pretty certain I will not have many "on-diet" options. For example, yesterday I was at a wedding and lots of the food was of the bread/noodle variety.

I've lost a total of 6 pounds with my goal being to lose 20 pounds of fat and gain 5 pounds of muscle. I need to get my callipers out and find a measuring tape so I can keep a better track of that stuff. After I reach my goal weight, I am going to just switch back to the primal blueprint, by eliminating the beans that I have been eating on 4HB and also dropping the "cheat days". I think that the key to sticking with primal this time around will be 1) continuing to mostly eat simple and similar meals everyday, 2)learning how to make healthier options and say "no", 3) not keeping "danger" foods in the house. In my case, "danger foods" means not buying things like sour cream, yogurt, granola, and fruit. I could honestly drink smoothies and eat plain yogurt and muesli a few times a day, every day. I'd be happy but bloated, oof! Oh and the fourth thing to put on that list would be

4) Remember that primal is a lifestyle not just a way of eating.
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made a tasty thing!

so I was wanting something chocolate - but nothing full of sugar

so after looking around I cobbled together the following

no bake fudge balls

1 cup ground almonds
15 organic dried mission figs
6 tbs cocoa
~1 tbs honey
a bit of powdered coconut
a splosh of water to bind it all together

blitzed it in the food processor to combine, rolled into balls and tossed in more powdered coconut


will add some orange zest I think next time
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there's an App For that

apparently there are some Apps for the iPhone (and I am assuming other phones as well) that assist with primal eating!

There a quite a few apparently

not quite ready to go Whole30 just yet but I am loving how I feel with whole, real foods

yesterday consisted of:
Breakfast - salmon with guacamole
Lunch - spinach salad with almonds and lemon and olive oil dressing. ground beef 'thing' with tomato and onion
snack - pineapple, kale chips (I could eat my weight in kale chips)
dinner - turkey burger with sauteed spinach and mushrooms
snack - pineapple

Breakfast today was the same, and lunch is similar but snacks are bell peppers and oranges

in theory I might be able to do the Whole30....but I need to keep my brain wrapped around this for right now :)

My experiences with Whole30

I did my first Whole30 in August, 2010. It was an amazing, helpful, enlightening, and overall fantastic experience.

I went through my personal LJ entries tagged with Whole30 and just copied and pasted stuff here for those of you on this comm who are considering doing a Whole30.

August 5:
Sugar and carb cravings are gone. Do I think ice cream or a sour cream doughnut would be tasty? Sure. Am I obsessing over how much I want them? No. In fact, I hadn't even thought about food cravings until a friend brought up the subject on her blog because she was suffering mightily from them. Oh, and it's that time of the month for me, so the fact that I'm not experiencing cravings or even thinking about them is amazing.

Once I put my mind to it, this is actually pretty easy. Of course, I'd already ditched six of the eight restrictions.

August 7:
And speaking of Whole30, today marks the end of week one. Things are going swimmingly. I'm enjoying what I'm eating (with one exception) and even managed to dine at a restaurant with no difficulty or compromises. I didn't intend to have the first week of the Whole30 experiment coincide with my period, but ah well. Nothing like trial by fire! As I reported earlier, I had no food cravings and the period itself wasn't awful.

August 9:
Overall, things are going well on the body front, but I'm having a hard time not stepping on the scale. It's so tempting to want that Validation of Progress, but weight loss isn't shouldn't be my goal here. What I need to do is get my food and thyroid issues under control. Vanity should take a back seat to that. Right?

August 19:
Whole30 is going well. Surprisingly well. One could almost say it's been a breeze. I'm on day nineteen (of thirty) and while I miss the cream in my coffee, I don't agonize over it. I'll be very happy to be reacquainted with wine again, but I'll continue to kick dairy to the curb until after KCRF.

This style of eating is working better than any other method in my life. I've nearly eliminated the crazy after-meal bloating, I haven't had any stomach pains in months, my energy levels are higher, and the obsessive food cravings are gone. While the scale isn't reflecting any difference, I can see arm, leg, back, and ab definition that have been absent for years. That's after only three weeks of this lifting program. What's not to like?

That said, I'd like to endorse everything that Melissa says in her Hunt Gather Love blog here. There are over six billion human beings on this planet. The idea that any one thing is going to work for every single person (regardless of what it is you're trying to get to work) is ridiculous and arrogant. Two things I strive to avoid.

September 30:
I ate two apples yesterday (both very small, one before dance class, one after). No nausea, but I'm super bloated today and uncomfortable. I think no more bags of apples, no matter how delightful and locally-grown.

I enjoy coconut milk in my coffee as much as I did cow cream.

I didn't have a single food craving during my period

November 28:
Thursday through Saturday were spent in a borderline binge-fest. I'm back to a Whole30 mode of eating for the next few weeks. Maybe a glass of wine on the weekend, but I gotta get back on the wagon. I didn't eat anything technically off my menu, but I am feeling icky from eating too much fruit and fruit-sweetened items. Apples in my cranberry-squash casserole, baked pears, hot cider...major fructose overdose. Friday and Saturday I had some bad stomach cramping and I felt hungry all the time. No fun. Happily, we had an impromptu dinner guest last night, so I got to unload the last of the squash and the pears.

I'm surprisingly excited about a return to lower sugar vegetables and Moar Meat. Those stomach cramps really sucked and I forgot what it was like to be thinking about food all the time. What a drag. I used to live like this? Suxxor.

December 1:
The Whole9 folks recently ran a two-part series on Eating Dirty. In closing the second article, they say:

"There are off-diet foods you can eat with little perceived negative effect, and there are others that will absolutely wreck you if you eat even the tiniest amount. The catch is, these things are different for everyone. Use our Whole30 program to figure out what foods are okay, and what are not. You will eventually figure out that the not okay foods are simply never, ever going to be worth it."

I'm finding that even on-diet foods, when eaten to excess, cause me troubles. Which is good to know, but kind of a drag. I'm finding some comfort in the knowledge that, so far, wine (white and red) has given me absolutely zero problems after being re-introduced post Whole30.

As of today, I'm on my second day of my second Whole30 and I'm doing fine except for yesterday I was so hungry all day but had no real appetite. It was a very weird thing. I had some pureed broccoli and chicken stock soup for breakfast this morning and I feel fine now. No hunger, and none of the weird exhaustion that I had yesterday. Perhaps I was going through a quickie 24-hour detox from something? *shrug*

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Happy New Year + Primal Update

grilled eggplant with garlic and herbs

Hey, it's the moderator here. Sorry to let the comm go a bit dormant but I've not been doing much exciting in the way of primal these days. I did, however, start doing 4 Hour Body, which is almost primal (save for the beans). Primal just didn't seem to be cutting it for me in terms of giving me the discipline and will-power to stick with it long enough to actually see any major results. I'm hoping that after a month or so of 4 Hour Body , I'll have recharged my batteries enough and gotten to the weight I want to be (I only want to lose 10 pounds or so) and feel ready fully recommit myself to primal eating (God, I can't wait to stop eating all these beans!). In the meantime, if I happen to make anything interesting, I'll try to remember to post it here.

Happy new year to everyone and good luck with your health and fitness goals!